I Just Want To Go To Japan SS 19-20

This is my love letter to Japan, a country I’ve fallen in love with like so many others but haven’t had the chance to visit yet.
While my inspiration is "Japan", I execute the ideas as an outsider. My intent is not to portray an accurate depiction of the traditional culture. I instead drew from personal narrative, influenced by pop culture and the mainstream.
Mr Bon and Mrs Pon's (@bonpon511) coordinated outfits inspired my palette. Rei Kawakubo's exploration of flatness and silence in her A/W 2012 collection. The deconstructivism found in her work from the 90's. The conceptual aspects of Shibari, a form of Japanese bondage. The Liger Zero outfitted with a different exo-suit for battle. Heero Yuy suiting up in those sexy, sexy jumpsuits used to pilot the Wing. All ideas that attribute to the frayed hems and silhouettes of this collection.
Can you relate?
Photographer: Louvre @imlouvre
Model: Pacome @pacxme
Make Up/Hair: Clodia Marland @clodiamarland
Creative Direction: Yavi, Boy Mode @itsboymode
Set Design: Scanlan & Makers @scanlanandmakers
Flowers: Cecilia Fox @ceciliafox
Shoes: Twoobs @twoobs