• 12 Tips For Webcam Editorial Fashion Photoshoots ✨

    Just because COVID19 has slowed the rest of the world, it doesn't mean you can't have an artsy or commercially viable photoshoot. Here's our top 12 tips on how we did our webcam shoot for our latest collection Queerantine 20-21.
  • What Does The '+' in LGBTQ+ Mean?

    In this post we will explore just some of the many terms that fit into this spectrum. Some of these terms can overlap slightly with other terms, however none of them mean exactly the same thing. 
  • An honest look at the true cost of fashion | B.T.S. of a queer fashion label 💸

    How much should you pay and what's a fair price? You deserve to know that what you're paying for is fairly priced, and not inflated "because of the brand". To prove our point, we've created a very cute infograph about our pricing matrix.
  • Boy Mode | An Inclusive Queer Clothing Brand 🌈

    Boy Mode is an independent fashion label run by designer Yavi and his husband Hugh. This is a place where queer-centric art, photography, music, and literature collaborates with fashion and textiles to celebrate modern narratives and references, above all.