Redefining toxic masculinity through queer clothing 💪

Creating an LGBTQ+ friendly clothing brand.

Yavi Founder of Boy Mode


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That's what I wanted for my wardrobe but I couldn't find a brand I could relate to. So I started this journey to create a queer clothing label that was so bold, it gave other people a reason to be so bold. To exclaim to the high heavens "Let boys be feminine" and "It's okay for boys to cry". I want to reclaim what the word "boy" means. I need it to mean something more than what our outdated standards of masculinity taught us it should be.
I came up with the name "Boy Mode" back in 2014 during my first month in fashion school. I took the word "boy" and paired it with the word "mode" which could mean "fashion" in French.
I was super inspired by the androgyny in menswear surfacing during that time. Ru Paul's Drag Race had aired it's first two seasons. Andrej Pejic graced our Tumblr feeds with her beauty. I made my first Pinterest board about guys in corsets.
In 2017 I moved to Melbourne, Australia to study at the prestigious RMIT univeristy. After class, I'd study more about the business side of fashion until 9 pm. This was the time my boyfriend, Hugh, finished his classes and we would walk home together.
As a kid, I spent many days in the small office of my parent's startup. I watched them start from scratch. Through the blood, sweat, and tears I absorbed my most important life lessons from them. Losing my father when I was 6 years old became the chip on my shoulder. Watching my mom raise 3 children in the face of startup debt motivated me to overcome my own challenges in life.

Yavi Hugh Founders of Boy Mode

Yavi and Hugh now hold the day to day operations of running Boy Mode. They married in 2019 and live together in Melbourne, Australia.